Student submitted photo? Check. Mailed directly to you? Check. Free? Check!

Yes, it’s for real. At least, it is if you attend Primavera Online High School.

Some of you may remember finding yourself stuck with an awkward photo for the rest of the year. Things are different here at Primavera, and you should know about all of the benefits of having a student ID!

We believe that being active and involved in the Primavera community is very important for all of our students, and what better way to formally join than with a tangible representation of your membership in the form of slim rectangle that fits nicely in your wallet? Plus, getting your student ID card will open more doors than you could imagine! Check them out in this list.

Student ID Perks

  • Get exclusive VIP tickets to live performances and Eat To The Beat in the Primavera Online High School Lounge at Live 101.5!
  • Receive students discounts at restaurants and stores across the valley including Harkins Theatres, Chipotle, The Heard Museum, Arby’s, Charlotte Russe, Buffalo Wild Wings, Chick-fil-A, Urban Outfitters, McDonald’s, Goodwill, Pizza Hut, Subway, Waffle House, H&M, Burger King and AMC Theaters just to name a few. It never hurts to ask about possible student discounts at the register!
  • Choose and upload an appropriate photo of your liking, and receive your student ID in the mail for free!

Because your student ID card serves as a photo identification card and represents your membership of the Primavera student community, we have a few rules regarding the acceptable photos you can choose to upload.

Student ID Photo Guidelines

  • Photos should be saved as a .JPG file and sized 150×150 pixels.
  • Think of your student ID like a driver’s license photo; the picture should be a head-shot facing the camera from the chest up.
  • Taken in front of a solid background (wall, door, etc.).
  • Use natural facial expressions.
  • Keep it G-rated.

What Not to Submit

Photos in the any of following categories will not be accepted:

Examples of Acceptable Student ID Photos:

How To Get Your Student ID:

  1. Login into the PSP
  2. Click the preferences gear    in the top right corner, and choose Student ID from the drop down list
  3. Read the guidelines and upload an appropriate photo
  4. Wait for approval and receive your student ID card in the mail in 5-10 business days

Photos submitted are reviewed once a month. Depending on the timing of your submission, approval/disapproval could range up to three weeks. Once approved, the ID will be mailed and sent to your home within approximately five business days.

  • If you have any questions regarding student ID cards with us, please leave them in a comment below!