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Working Online: Tips From Your Teachers

Working Online: Tips From Your Teachers

One of the many benefits of being a Primavera student is that you get to work straight from the comfort of your home. For many of you who come from a more traditional school setting, this may be something you’ve never done before, but don’t worry! Many of our teachers here do the same thing, and they–like all teachers here at Primavera–are here to help you out!

For this month’s Teacher Spotlight, we asked some of our adjunct teachers a few questions about working from home, and here’s what they had to say.

Benefits of Working Online

There are a lot of benefits that come from getting to complete your schoolwork online. From saving gas to having more control of your schedule, attending high school online has its advantages.

One benefit is you don’t have sit in one place! As long as you have an Internet connection, you really can work wherever you want, as Science Instructor and Young Parent Club Advisor Mrs. Brie Benjamin-Baker said. In the photo below, she is enjoying some sunshine while working.

“I enjoy the freedom of using my laptop and working in the living room if my family is in there, working outside while my children are playing, and even working from places that have free Wi-Fi,” said Mrs. Benjamin-Baker.

Another benefit: more flexibility. Because you work online, you can focus on getting your work done and have more time to do the things you love, just as Business Math and Electives Instructor Ms. Lauree (Lee) Russell does! In the photo below, Ms. Russell was able to spend her weekend horseback riding along the Grand Canyon thanks to working online, as Ms. Russell said.

Your Workspace: Organization Ideas

While you can complete schoolwork wherever you want, our teachers say a designated workspace is always a good idea. It helps your brain stay focused and helps you block out distractions. Here are a few favorite items our adjunct teachers keep in their workspaces.

For Mrs. Benjamin-Baker, it’s a notebook, pencil and important papers, as is shown in the photo below.

Another thing Mrs. Benjamin-Baker has is some drawings from her kids hanging on the wall. If you have something that cheers you up, keep it with you in your workspace to keep you in a happy mood while working.

Ms. Russell’s desk is a little different. She likes to have her workspace more mobile, so she uses an adjustable table.

“Health experts say it is important to not sit in the same position for hours,” said Ms. Russell. “So with my varying table, I can stand for a portion of the day and sit in different chairs too.”

Ms. Russell said she also loves to keep her favorite vitamin drink on hand, along with her “bling reading glasses.”

Five Tips to Succeed in Your Online Work

1. “Make a school schedule and stick with it…if you set aside time for school, you can be successful.” – Mrs. Benjamin-Baker

2. “Be honest with yourself about setting up specific times to work. If you are NOT a morning person, then don’t expect to work online in the mornings. Be real and be disciplined!” – Ms. Russell

3. “Talk to your friends and family about how they can support you. If you work on schoolwork from 9 a.m. – 1 p.m. each day, tell your friends not to text or call during this time.” – Mrs. Benjamin-Baker

4. “Know your weaknesses and turn them into rewards. If you like to surf YouTube videos or Facebook with friends, then reward yourself with these websites AFTER you complete your schoolwork, but not until then.” – Mrs. Benjamin-Baker

5. “Because of Primavera Online school, you can now focus on your interests and create the life that you see yourself having! Don’t waste any time! Make your education and dreams happen for yourself!!” – Ms. Russell

  • What does your workspace look like? Share with us in the comments below!