Last month, we asked our Primavera students to tell us “where they see themselves after Primavera” for a chance to win Sunsplash or Wet N’ Wild tickets, and we got some great responses! Our winners were Jessenia Lopez and Nate Wilson! Read their inspiring submissions below.

Jessenia Lopez, grade 11

I want to graduate to prove everyone that has ever said otherwise about me. I don’t just want to do it for that reason, though. I want to do it for myself. I always doubted myself, felt like I couldn’t do anything. Primavera has helped changed that. I can get all the extra help I need if I wanted it. The thing is, with the way Primavera is set up, I don’t need that extra help. I can actually see that I am smart and I can do that work. It’s exciting to always enter the PSP and see that my grades are all a B or higher. It also helps me gain credits faster. So, when I graduate–which I never thought I would do–I want to go to college. I never wanted to go to college either. I always thought, “After I drop out or somehow finish high school, I’m done. I’m not going to college, that’s just extra school work, torture for myself.” Now, I think that going to college is the best plan that I have ever thought of. I can study more into science, and even take some little fun subjects in college, like music. I want to go to Grand Canyon University. It may be a little expensive, but I can get help by taking out some loans and getting a job to help. I won’t let money stop me from my education. So, where do I see myself after graduating Primavera? I see myself as a successful, intelligent, young woman.

Nate Wilson, grade 12

Completing high school means a new journey in life. It also means that you have done all of the hard work to make a good future for yourself. Finishing high school is important to me because it helps me to obtain this future. By the time I graduate I will have bought my own apartment. The apartment I purchased is a two bedroom apartment. I will use one room as my office and the other as my bedroom. I will be a full time college student at Fullsail University in Winter Park, Florida learning graphic design. Graphic design is a career that helps me to do what I want and still be able to make money. My car that I will purchase after I get my apartment will be a black BMW-I8. I would like to have this car, because it is a good electric car to get around in. Even though electric cars are slower than gas cars I prefer them because they don’t pollute the air like gas cars do. After I graduate my friends and I will stay in contact. I want to be in contact with my friends because I don’t want to move on in life forgetting them and what we have been through together, I realize that all of the hard work that I have done during my high school years has lead me up to graduation. After I graduate college I will professionally complete graphic design for other companies. During the rest of the school year I will participate in every activity that I possibly can. Trying as hard as I can to make the best possible grades in all of my classes will help me to know that I have created a great future for myself.

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