This month, we’re excited to feature a thriller romance short story written by 11th grade student Makayla Inere. In addition to writing fanfiction, Makayla enjoys writing music, swimming and playing video games.

“The inspiration to write this story came from a dream I have had several times. In this dream I was the main female character falling for a strange yet charming young vampire while fighting to defend myself against other creatures. This story is not yet finished as I plan to write a part three and four to finish up their journey and see what becomes of the end.”
– Makayla

Her short story will be split into two parts, and today we’re showing the first part of the story. Check it out below!

The Vampire’s Love Leads to Death by Makayla Inere

The day I was born, my parents knew that I was never going to be the perfect daughter that they had so badly desired; so they abandoned me. As the night had passed, they only left me with a blanket, a note, and some milk. One night a tribe had found me and they knew that I was not human, but a half blood. I was half vampire and I was proud of who I was even as a baby.

The chief of the tribe took me back to their huts as I knew that they were halfblooded too. I wasn’t sure how I knew, but I could sense it, somehow. As their tribe decided that I was no threat, they revealed their true form to me; they were indeed wolves. Though vampires and werewolves were naturally enemies, I was too young at the time to understand the legends.

As I matured, my thirst for blood strengthened as well, the chief knew that I was ready to start hunting. Once my strength had reached its full potential, it became easier than they had anticipated. Blood became easier to find because my mind could sense living creatures and could smell the sweet scent from miles away. The moment I smelled it, it was harder to draw my attention away from it.

On my seventeenth birthday, I escaped the celebration and pushed myself far away from the tribe. I could hear my thoughts better when it was quiet and without any interruptions. The further I got into the woods, the more I felt alone. That was a risk I was willing to take in order for me to figure out who I was. I knew only a few things about myself:

  • I was technically an orphan
  • I was half immortal
  • I was almost fully matured
  • There were more people like me out there
  • I had unique talents

A sudden movement broke into my thoughts with the breaking of a branch and a light trail of footsteps. One thing that was sure, it was not a wolf. I opened my eyes, jumped up, and shouted, “Who’s there? Show yourself, before I attack and rip you to shreds anyway.”

I could hear a light, slow breathing from behind the trees. A boy stepped out and my defenses began to strengthen as I allowed my fangs to elongate. He was not human; he was a full blooded vampire. I hissed.

I took my eyes off him for a second, thinking. Suddenly he dropped to the ground. While taking slow steps backwards, “Who are you and why have you come?”

“My name is Chase and I have come to see only who you were. I sensed another presence aside from my clans. I could ask you the same thing, as you are trespassing.”

The boy had come as a softer presence now that I had known why he had come, but no way had I known that I was indeed trespassing on his clan’s territory. “My name is moon. I am a half blood,” I was defensive for a second longer. “You and your clan best watch yourselves, my tribe is near and will not hesitate to attack.”

“Good to know that you’re not alone. Did you say tribe? You mean you’re rolling with wolves?” he didn’t look as frightened as I had thought he would. As frightening as it had seemed, I was glad that he was not afraid, somehow

My eyes shot to the ground where he lay shivering as I ran to him with the speed of a lightning bolt, “Are you okay?” Chase was paler than he had been before, and colder than a vampire’s body should be. I knew that he was not okay and I had wondered why. If there was one thing I had to do for my own kind, it was help them.

I took out my laser and carved a lower case “t” like shape into the palm of my hand. After the shape was completed, I propped Chase’s head holding my palm over his chest, hoping that my powers could handle such a task. The symbol I had drawn meant “strength.” It glowed red as my power pushed its way into his chest. He let out a sharp gasp, but remained still.

Slowly backing up, I placed my arm to my side and said Chase’s name a few times, “Chase? Chase are you okay?” Opening his eyes slowly, he clutched his chest with baring teeth. He was in mass amounts of pain and that I could not take away. I had done the best I could to heal as much of his wounds as I possibly could.

“My chest, it burns. What have you done to me?” he lifted up his shirt to see a deep red colored spot on his chest. Chase looked at me horrified. “How did you… how did you do that?”

I let my eyes fall to the ground and held up my palm to reveal a black mark that looked like a tattoo. “What do you think I did Chase, you should know. You’re a full blooded vampire, you explain to me how it is possible that I can carve symbols into my skin and use them when needed. I have been able to do this since I was about 10 years old. I am currently 17 years old. I know that every symbol has a meaning, except I am not sure how I know.” I wasn’t furious, more or less, I was rather scared of myself.

Chase looked at me and hugged me as he saw tears threatening to surface. I was a strong a girl, but sometimes I could not hold in my feelings and I was starting to trust Chase. He was of my kind and I felt safe with him, “It is possible, but extremely rare to be taken seriously. You have been able to do this for seven years, which means that you are almost fully matured and that is going to be interesting considering everything you have been through. I have heard of stories where these abilities came to life because of an event that impacted the child differently than it would a mortal. I am not scared of you, but I fear something dangerous and I will not let you go up against it alone. I am staying by your side.”

Part two has been released! Read it here.

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