The much anticipated second half to Primavera student Makalya Inere’s short story is here! If you haven’t read the first part, head to the previous blog post and read it now.

To recap, here’s a few things that happened in the first part of the story:

  • Moon, the main character, is a half immortal vampire 17-year-old girl.
  • Raised by werewolves, Moon doesn’t know much about her own kind.
  • She meets a teen vampire boy, who suddenly falls ill.
  • After attempting to heal him with her natural powers, she is forced to bring him back to her tribe.

The Vampire’s Love Leads to Death by Makayla Inere, Part 2

There was one thing I knew I had to do, but the tribe was not going to like another vampire in their village. Better to ask for forgiveness then to ask for permission, I suppose that’s the way it would go this time. Chase was still in a lot of pain and he had to get to our healers.

“Thank you, I have never met someone of my own kind before. Not that I don’t want to be among my own kind, it’s that I was waiting until I was matured enough to defend myself properly. Okay, time to go, we have to get you to the village healers. You need to be full strength for when we leave in a few days,” I told him.

Helping him up, we slowly headed for the village. As we entered the opening, the tribe began to stare and transform. The chief came up to me and looked me in the eyes, I could see that he was disappointed in me. “Why have you brought an enemy to our village? We gave you a life and trained you, this is how you repay us?”

He was angered, as he had a right to be, but I was not going to let my own kind suffer the way he was. Chase was someone I cared about, he was of the same nature as myself, and most of all I was starting to develop feelings for him.

“I am sorry Chief, he was suffering. I could not leave him there to die. He is my own kind! Tell me, would you leave one of your own their suffering?” I was livid. He threw it in my face that they raised me, I will throw his own rules in his face. My life did not count on the wolves and for them to tell me what I can or can’t do is not acceptable. In all reality, they are my natural enemies. “He is not going to hurt anyone here. I have feelings for him and you’re sitting there telling me that he should not be. I am sick of this. As soon as he is better and able to fight again we will leave. And I won’t come back, I assure you.”

I took Chase to the healer’s hut and laid him on a bed. He was shaking uncontrollably again and I didn’t know what to do this time. A villager had touched Chase’s forehead; he was as hot as the sun on a 110-degree summer day in California. I could say I was scared, but I knew that he would be okay. There was something inside me that knew I had more than feelings for him. I was starting to fall for him. I wasn’t quite familiar with the love factor, but I knew enough to know that I never wanted to leave him.

The pain of seeing him hurt the way he was was too much to bare. I had to retire to a chair beside him. I had gruesome nightmares that first night, blood and gore everywhere. My dreams were of the tribe turning on me and them killing Chase. No way in hell was I going to let them hurt him, they would have to go through me, but I was terrified that my dreams would become reality in a matter of time.

The next morning, I woke up to Chase walking around and breakfast by me. How was he up already? I knew that vampires could heal quickly, but not that quick. He was up and walking around as if nothing had ever happened. I slipped on my biker boots and stood up. Chase walked over to me and took me into his arms gently. “Good morning to you, too,” I said. “Chase, are you okay? You were barely conscious when I dragged you in here last night. It was scary, I had nightmares last night of horrid things.”

The rest of him was cold, but the way that a vampire’s body was bred to be. I was amazed at his recovery; he was up walking around with excitement. Was this excitement because of me? I couldn’t help but wonder. “Chase, lay down,” I told him. “You must rest, you could not possibly be back to full strength yet. It has only been a few hours.” He looked at me with a soft expression and took me into his arms, with a hug so soft and safe. He was already at full strength, I could sense it, but how?

“It has actually been three days. I woke up yesterday and they said that you had not yet woken after dragging me to the cot. They were more worried about you than me. I went and hunted a while ago and brought back some deer blood for you. However, I will take you hunting as soon as you’re up for it.” The look in his eyes was so perfect, it made my heart stop. He was falling for me, just as I had been falling for him. There was a gleam in his eyes, the chief always said something to me about gleams… what was it? Oh right, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Chase was the beholder in this scene.

I slipped on my boots and jacket as I was ready to go. Chase handed me the deer blood and as it touched my hands I could still feel the warmth, the life the deer had within its body. I slurped down every drop with delight, dropping the cup in the fire as we walked through the village. There was no sign of the chief and I was not about to go searching for him before we left. We headed for the entrance and we were off to Chase’s clan.

“Stop, why must you go? We gave you a life, a home, we raised you. It is still painful to watch you leave, even if it is with your own kind. We may not trust him to a full extent, but if you leave and you come to harm, he will be held accountable.” We turned to see the chief pointing at Chase.

“Listen here, chief. I can take care of myself, I don’t need a babysitter. I am going to be with Chase’s clan because I know that I won’t be judged for what I am. Therefore, if you touch Chase you will be going through me. I love him, and it will end badly if he comes to harm at your hands, the people I have trusted my whole life.” Chase looked shocked and so did the villagers, but I was done fooling around. I wasn’t a little girl anymore and I was going to get hurt and into trouble eventually. I am almost matured and I was not about to let him hurt Chase if I got myself into trouble or hurt. I was never going to let anyone touch him.

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