free summer school

You still have time to get ahead this summer.

If you’re needing to make up a credit, or want to knock out a course and get ahead, enroll with Primavera!

Our free summer school courses accredited and 100% online.

The last summer sessions are:

    • June 3: Enroll by May 29!
    • July 1: Enroll by July 12!

Here are a few reasons you’ll want to choose Primavera for summer school:

1. 100% Online to Study Where You Want

Don’t get us wrong, online doesn’t mean easy. A semester course that’s condensed to four weeks will take a lot of work. But the benefit is that you can choose when and where you want to work on your courses. If you want to sleep in and finish coursework later in the afternoon, that’s your choice!

2. Great Class Selection

We offer more than 50 courses over summer. You can take a core course like English or history, or you can try out an elective and learn something new. Either way, Primavera can be a great option.

Head to our Courses page to see the full list available this summer.

3. Earn a Semester Credit in Half the Time

Whether you need to make up a credit or want to get ahead, Primavera summer courses help you catch up quickly!

4. Receive Personalized Support

Primavera teachers are highly qualified and easily accessible. You can instant message, email, call or chat online with an instructor anytime you need help. If you struggled with during the school year, come to Primavera. You will be able to focus on one course and receive all the support you need.

5. The Best Reason–Free Summer School!

You don’t need to pay hundreds of dollars for summer school. Instead, you can attend Primavera for free! For instructions on enrolling, head to this post.

If you plan to take a course with Primavera, then go back to your current school, please read this article about transferring credits.