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Talking to Your Parents About Switching to Online School

You’ve been Googling, trying to find a solution.

You finally think you have it, but now a new dilemma arises: How do I convince my parents?

Many stop right there. They think, “My parents would never let me do that.”

You might be right. But you also might not be. Either way, it’s worth a shot.

Many students find that their parents are a lot more willing to listen than they think. If you do your research, and maturely talk with your parents, they will listen.

Too many times we hear, “I wish I could do online school, but there’s no way my parents would go for that!” If you’re wanting to go to online school, but not sure your parents would be on board, here are some tips:

1. Do Your Research

Your parents will want to know the answers to basic questions: Is it free? Will you earn a real diploma? What if you need help with homework? What about your friends? Other online schools will vary in these answers, so be sure to research. Here are our answers:

  • Primavera is a tuition-free public charter school
  • We are AdvancED accredited. This means you will earn a real diploma recognized by universities and employers. Learn more here.
  • Our teachers are highly qualified and readily available to help. Learn more about them in this post.
  • We provide several ways for you to connect with students. Learn more here.
  • For other answers to common questions about Primavera, head to this blog post.

If you come to the table with these answers ready, the conversation will go a lot smoother.

2. Pick an Appropriate Time

The timing of the conversation is important. You don’t want to bring it up while mom is trying to cook or dad is watching the game. Wait until you’re at the dinner table having a conversation. Or ask mom or dad for a time to talk together. That way, they will be ready to hear what you have to say.

3. Don’t Be too Negative on Your Current School

Chances are, you could hate your school. But focus on the positive opportunities, not the negatives of your current situation. You can certainly let them know you’re not enjoying school, but show them you’re seeking a solution.┬áThis is a more mature approach than complaining. If you go this route, your parents likely will be much more receptive.

4. Explain Why it Would be a Better Fit For You

What benefits do you like most about online school? Maybe it’s that you’ll get easier access to teacher help. Or perhaps you simply can’t get out of bed in the morning, and this will help you become more disciplined. Either way, think on it and let them know the benefits you see in switching to online school.

5. Gather Some Notes

Writing might not be your favorite, but it can really help. If you have notes gathered as to what you’d like to say, you’ll be more prepared and it might calm your nerves.

6. Remember, Your Parents Care About You

You might fight sometimes. Maybe even a lot. But we’re willing to bet that your parents are just trying to do what’s best for you. They care about your well-being and happiness. It can be scary, but if you approach them with a thought-out idea, they’ll hear you. It’s always worth trying!

Parents, if you are thinking online school would be a good fit for your child, but not sure how to talk to them about it, stay tuned! We will be giving you some tips soon.

  • Students, do you have tips for students wanting to switch to online school? Share with us in the comments below!

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