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Teacher Spotlight: Lauree Russell

Primavera has nearly 100 full-time teachers who work in our main office in Chandler full time.

But did you know we also have teachers who work offsite part time? They are called adjunct teachers, and there are about 50! These teachers are just as qualified and dedicated. They simply teach fewer classes than the full-time instructors.

For this month’s spotlight, we thought we’d show an adjunct teacher some love. Learn more about business math instructor Mrs. Lauree Russell.

Mrs. Lauree Russell, Business Math Instructor

Mrs. Russell enjoys cooking, glass ceramics and “shopping too much at Costco.” Mrs. Russell also manages a small business, and loves traveling throughout the beautiful state of Arizona. Her favorite location is the Grand Canyon.

Among her many passions is a love for teaching. Mrs. Russell especially enjoys teaching Primavera students to hone their unique abilities.

“I believe Primavera students have an amazing opportunity to develop time management, self discipline and their own personal skills,” said Mrs. Russell. “Primavera allows the sports athlete (or musician or writer…) to change their schooling schedule so they can be an athlete (a musician or a writer…). I am thrilled to be a part of this progressive type of education here at Primavera!”

Working From Home

As an adjunct teacher, Mrs. Russell has something in common with her students: She works from home. After a bad car accident, she could no longer work as a traditional teacher.

“I was in a serious car accident about two years ago. Primavera was kind enough to allow me to transition from a full-time teacher to an adjunct teacher at home for my health,” said Mrs. Russell. “I am very grateful for this. I find that I am more centered, relaxed and efficient. I can care for my health because there are fewer distractions.”

Because she works from home, Mrs. Russell is able to provide useful tips to help her online students stay on track. She shared some of them with us today.

“Keep your work area very clean, very open and simple. I have a table top that moves up and down so that I can work in various positions thru out the day. So with my varying table, I can stand for a portion of the day and sit in different chairs too.”

“Include some of your favorite items on your desk.  My most useful items would be my favorite Zipfizz Vitamin drink and my bling reading glasses -lol.”

“Be honest with yourself about setting up specific times to work. If you are NOT a morning person, then don’t expect to work online in the mornings. Be real and be disciplined!”

  • Students, do you have a favorite teacher here at Primavera? Share with us in the comments below!


  1. MyAyzia Lewis August 30, 2017 at 1:43 pm - Reply

    I have to say that Mr. Kahn was may favorite also my first teacher because he welcomed me to the school when I was having difficulties he was there to help me and he always set aside time just for me.

  2. Cody H August 30, 2017 at 2:35 pm - Reply

    I have Mrs. Russell currently and have had her in the past and she is a really awesome teacher. She helped a lot and did a great job. Kudos to you Mrs. Russell 🙂

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