The biggest event of the year is almost here! Primavera’s Prom 2018 is happening May 12 at the Country Club Resort.

As you might already know, the theme is Strange Things, as 80s-esque theme based on the popular Netflix series, “Stranger Things.” You can learn more about prom and the event details in this post.

Going to prom with a group of friends is more than OK. In fact, we encourage it! But if you do have a certain someone in mind you’d like to ask, we recommend asking in the spirit of the theme.

Here are a few ‘stranger’ ways to ask someone to prom.

If You Want to Ask Someone to Prom “Stranger Things” style, you’ll need Eggos

There’s no true promposal without some Eggos. Drop a box of Eggo waffles on your potential date’s doorstep. Of course, it’ll need some catchy phrase to go with it. So here are a few ideas:

  • Keep it simple. Like: “Leggo to Prom?”

  • Or something like: “I’d be more excited than El with a fresh batch of Eggos if you went to prom with me.”

  • Maybe: “We go together like El and Eggos.” An even sweeter match than El and Mike, really.

  • Or even: “You say yes, I’ll bring the waffles.” Definitely not too cheesy.

If not Eggos, then certainly Christmas lights.

There’s a lot of great ideas you can go this route. Here are a couple ideas we’ve thought up:

  • Use a piece of cardboard. Hang Christmas lights on it. Paint the letters “Prom?” on it.

  • Write all the letters with holiday lights above them (like the picture above), but place numbers 1-26 on the lights. Give them a code to crack that says “Prom?”

  • Include the lights with letters, and think up a clever line. Like: “Before we’re stuck in the upside down, will you go to prom?” Clever, right??

If all else fails, go for the puns

“Barb” cat (you know, like the picture above), waffles, Steve being the world’s greatest dad: the puns and inside jokes are endless with this prom theme.

In fact, just a quick Google search will send you to a beautiful world filled with “Stranger Things” memes. But, if you want a cheesy line from us we’re more than happy to oblige. Get ready for the dad jokes:

  • “Stranger Things are coming…in the meantime, Prom?” Get it? No?

  • “If Steve can find the perfect bromance, then maybe I could have a chance to go with you to the dance?” Now, there’s a great joke. You’re welcome.

  • Be my mage, and I could be your zoomer at the prom? Sure, Max was the Zoomer and El was the Mage, but, hey! It could work!

  • “What’s a Demogorgon’s favorite event? A bbq. Mine? Prom.” And there’s a mic-drop dad joke.

OK, that should have been enough to make you at least pity laugh, if not, then hopefully got the creative juices flowing.

About Primavera Prom 2018: Strange Things

PROM 2018
Mesa Country Club Resort
May 12, 7 – 11 p.m.    |    660 W. Fairway Dr., Mesa, AZ 85201

This year’s prom theme (as voted by students) is ‘Strange Things,’ based on the Netflix hit series, “Stranger Things.” The venue will have an ’80s theme while incorporating some fun ideas from the show.

Remember, students, prom is an event for everyone to enjoy. The prom theme is merely a suggestion. You do not have to dress up with the theme (but you certainly can)!

Prom is formal attire. You can learn more on this blog.

Remember, all attendees–students and their guests–will need to purchase a ticket. You can purchase yours online by clicking on the button below.

  • How are you asking your person to prom? Share with us in the comments below!