This last month, our students entered in a contest to win a pair of tickets to Arizona’s famous Renaissance Festival. We saw many great written pieces dedicated to the Renaissance period, and ended up with two winners. Check out our winner’s submissions below.

“Rebirth” by Taylor Parsons

Fervent intellectuals

Fevered and impeccable

Full of gifts to give the globe

Finding art is to behold

All medieval is forsaken

All aboard the road less taken

All inclusive will survive

The stories etched by painters’ knives

A tale is told from whence we came

Self-awareness is to blame

To be


To be


To be


“Renaissance” by Naiya Jones

Renaissance, renaissance

Rebirth hung in the air like clouds

Exaltation of humanity in every sound

A Rebirth of classic times long past

Renaissance, renaissance

Oh, the wonders of mankind

Renaissance, renaissance

From Italy to everywhere

Renaissance, renaissance

Beginning in lucky 13

Hundred and ending after 400 years

Like the Israelites in Egypt

Coming out for the better

And bridging the gap between

the Dark Ages to modern society

And bringing us to light

Renaissance, renaissance

The beginning of knowledge

And the end of the Old World.

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