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About Primavera’s National Honor Society

Believe it or not, the world has several ambitious, passionate and dedicated teens. Seriously.

And when you bring them together to better the community, something grand is bound to happen. At Primavera, we like to call it the National Honor Society.

The National Honor Society (NHS) is a nationwide organization. It’s not just an honor roll list. Rather, it gathers students who have demonstrated excellence in the areas of scholarship, leadership, service and character.

In other words, the NHS club empowers outstanding youth with activities to serve their communities. You can see a few of these outstanding Primavera teens in the video below.

About Primavera’s National Honor Society

Like any traditional NHS, club members organize service projects and enjoy some fun activities. In order to join, students need good academic standing.

What’s unique about Primavera’s NHS is that students meet online. This allows for students all over the state to participate. Monthly events are also held in person at various locations so all students can participate. Really, it allows the entire state of Arizona to come together as one community.

Meet the NHS Club Advisors

Ms. Amber Day, Academic Leadership Team Member

 Ms. Day is a bookworm and English enthusiast with a passion for teaching. She has been with Primavera for six years, starting as an English instructor. Her role now is to supervise and evaluate faculty. This is her first year as an NHS club advisor. Ms. Day took the role because the students inspired her.

“I love to be around ambitious, passionate and dedicated people,” said Ms. Day. “It is these qualities that our NHS members demonstrate on a daily basis. They inspire me to be the best version of myself each day I walk in the door.”

NHS is important to Ms. Day because it’s one of the few student clubs that is focused around bettering the community.

“Schools are a part of and should contribute to the surrounding community,” said Ms. Day. “Our NHS chapter doesn’t only challenges its members to pursue individual excellence. It also works to create a better environment for those around them.”

Ms. Diane Thomas, English Instructor

Ms. Thomas is an English instructor at Primavera who has been teaching for 16 years. She also served our country in the United States Air Force for four years. You can learn more about that in this blog post. Her hobbies include dancing, singing and running her non-profit company Grandmas Hands International. To Ms. Thomas, NHS is crucial for students because it allows them to strive for greatness.

“I became a club advisor for NHS based on my own experiences,” said Ms. Thomas. “The idea of striving for one’s best is admirable. My desire is to support their best.”

To Ms. Thomas, Primavera’s NHS brings a unique perspective because it is online.

“Online schools provide many opportunities for growth outside of the learning environment,” said Ms. Thomas. “It is important that opportunities within the learning environment are supported as well. NHS is renowned for its dedication and support of student academic achievement.”

How to Join Primavera’s NHS Club

Being a part of the NHS club requires good academic standing and club advisor approval. If you are interested in joining, email  [email protected]

For detailed instructions on joining a club through the PSP, head here.

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