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Primavera + EVIT = True Love

Primavera EVIT

As you might know, Primavera believes in providing students flexibility so you can have time to study and focus on the things you love: Like pursuing your dream career! In fact, if you’ve got a career in mind that you’d like to pursue, chances are you could get started right now through the East Valley Institute of Technology (EVIT)–a vocational school that’s free to high school students under 22.

If you’re thinking of jumpstarting your career through EVIT, then we’ve just got one thing to say: Primavera + EVIT = True love. Here’s why you’ll want to be a Primavera student if you plan to attend EVIT.

About EVIT

If you don’t know about EVIT, here’s some info:

EVIT offers certification programs in various fields to high school students. This way, you can graduate high school with specialized training for a job you’ll love that certainly pays more than flipping patties. This will be a huge plus while you attend college!

With more than 40 occupational training programs ranging from cosmetology to collision repair, EVIT is a great way to get special training in a career. It’s also tuition free!


A Few of the EVIT Programs Offered

  • Automotive
  • Early Childhood
  • Welding
  • Law Enforcement
  • 3D Animation
  • Radio
  • Construction
  • Culinary
  • Medical or Dental Assistant

To see a full list of programs available, head to EVIT’s website.

Primavera + EVIT: Computer Labs Exclusively for Primavera Students

Primavera EVIT

This is why you want to be a Primavera and EVIT student:

Both EVIT campuses have computer labs available only to Primavera students. These computer labs have onsite Primavera instructors to offer face-to-face tutoring and support whenever you need.

As a Primavera and EVIT student, you will be able to stop by and work on your Primavera courses any time you need. Or, if you wanted, you could attend EVIT classes, then spend the rest of your day at the EVIT lab to finish Primavera coursework for the day. It’s your choice!

Here are a couple more reasons why Primavera and EVIT go so well together:

Flexible Schedule

The flexibility that Primavera offers makes attending EVIT much more doable. You won’t have to worry about traveling back and forth between your school and EVIT. It’s all right in one place!

You decide when and where you complete Primavera coursework. If you want to take a break after your EVIT classes, you can! And then work on courses in the evening. Or, work hard during the day so you have no homework once you get home. Either way, getting to set your own schedule reduces a lot of unnecessary stress as an EVIT student. And means less time spent on those school buses.

Two Courses Every Six Weeks

Primavera’s courses are set up a little differently from your traditional brick and mortar. Instead of 6-8 classes in a semester, we have six-week courses. Full-time students take two courses every six weeks.

Although these classes are accelerated, it helps you stay organized and focus, especially as an EVIT student. Focusing on just two courses will be much better than trying to balance five classes on top of EVIT.

Qualifications for EVIT

To qualify, students must be between the ages of 16–22 and live within the following school district boundaries:

  • Apache Junction
  • Chandler
  • Fountain Hills
  • Gilbert
  • Higley
  • J. O. Combs
  • Mesa
  • Queen Creek
  • Scottsdale
  • Tempe

Qualifications for Primavera

Qualifications for Primavera are much simpler. There are only two major requirements:

  • Arizona resident
  • In at least 6th grade and under 22 years old

For more information on how to enroll, check out this post.



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