The Panther Post features work from talented Primavera students with a love for the arts. Over the past couple of months, we’ve received several great poem from our Panthers that we can’t wait to share with you! Check them out below.

 Theresa Lucero

“This poem is for my favorite person in the world: my mother. The poem, Book, is basically about my promise to her for the future when it’s her time to go, to let her know that I will carry her name on and let people see how awesome she was.” – Theresa Lucero, grade 10


Your eyes sparkled when they reached the sun

Daring to do anything that cannot be done

Gentle breezes blew your hair behind

I sit here wondering what’s on your mind

When you lay in that boat there

I wonder if you knew how much I care

Your hand that was once warm is now cold

But your heart I know is still strong and bold

I will forever remember your independence

Though life without you will be restless

The thoughts and actions you set here

Will be well known when you are near

The life you gave me was a unique one

And your job you saw as never done

Has come as a flower and set into my hands

Your book will remind me of your many fans

And as you ready to sail away

I will soon form a new life with my own clay

My life will be a sequel to yours

So that you may be able see more

Mitchal Holloway

“I always felt what it’s like to be alone and how to explained it, so I thought I’d put it in words in this poem, here in the attachment is a document of my poems. I named it Despair. Throughout all the regrets in my life, all I had to do is just move on, and expect to push myself to something that I belong to.” – Mitchal Holloway, grade 12


I am alone, in this deserted island

No one in contact, trees and birds to look up to,

water by my feet, sand burying my toes, and spear in my hand for food,

I am alone, in this island

I can’t feel my limbs, for it is, numbed with coldness

None found for heat only to remains of my glasses

Only glasses to hold up the long lost sky, depending on the sun to help

I am alone, in this universe

Fell, glimpse of brown colors, smelling the earths odor,

I am in a hole, no signs of exit, knowing this is my end,

Days goes by, stranded and sobbing softly for hope,

A man figure shadows appeared down the hole,




Looked up, only to see glares from the sun behind the man, offered the man help,

No response,

A man, standing in peace, let out a angelic sound,

Fades away into the mist,

I am alone, in this world.

Keira Thiele

“I have a ton of poems that I wrote when I was in hospitals for behavioral stuff. They just kinda speak my heart of what I was going through.” – Keira Thiele, grade 9

Some Days

Some days we smile

Some days we laugh

To simply be happy

Wherever there is a shadow there is a light

I’ll never say goodbye before I get the chance to say hello

And I’m not perfect

And I’m not always right

But I’m okay

My troubles have been lost

The angels have been found

When I push you away

Told you to leave forever

 Then cried

Because I love you.

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