Take a moment and think of four classmates you know. One of those classmates will likely not graduate high school.

Earning your high school diploma is extremely important. You can learn more in this article.

Oftentimes, students get behind on credits and feel overwhelmed. That leads to quitting school.

If you’re thinking of dropping out, don’t. If you’ve already dropped out, it’s not too late.

About 43% of Primavera Online High School students come already behind on credits. And each year, thousands of former “at-risk” students go on to receive their high school diploma. When it comes to recovering your credits, you have options.

Why Online School Instead of Credit Recovery?

    • Enroll with Primavera full time. Learn how to here.
    • Successfully complete one block with Primavera with good grades.
    • Get counselor approval to take additional courses.

    Part-time students

    You don’t have to leave your current school to catch up on credits; Primavera also offers part-time enrollment. This means you would enroll in one six-week class. Since Primavera is 100% online, you can go to your current high school, come home and log in to start Primavera coursework.

    Primavera credits are transferable to all Arizona public schools by law. But before enrolling with Primavera, we recommend you check your school’s policies. You can learn more about transferring Primavera credits in this article.

    Sometimes life circumstances can make it difficult to add on courses. If you are behind and unable to take on extra work, you can still earn your high school diploma. You can stay with Primavera until you are 21. However long it takes you to finish high school is not important, so long as you do earn that accredited diploma!

    Looking to recover just a class or two quickly? Summer school might be your best option.

    Credit Recovery Through Primavera’s Online Summer School

    Credit recovery through summer school

    Again, we are not a credit recovery program. But you can quickly recover credits through Primavera summer school.

    Summer school courses are condensed into four weeks. Coursework is accelerated, but if you work hard, you will finish a semester course in just a month. Primavera offers 2-3 summer blocks each year. Students are allowed to take one class per block. That means you can finish up to three classes during your summer.

    Personalized Support

    Perhaps the most important aspect of online high school is the personalized support you can receive from instructors. Credit recovery usually does not include much instructor help at all; it’s merely meant for you to pass a course.

    Primavera has highly qualified instructors who provide individualized attention all students. They teach online synchronous sessions, and that’s just merely one point of communication. Whenever students need help in coursework, they can:

  • Call their instructor
  • Instant message them on the PSP
  • Email them
  • Set up a 1-1 online tutoring session

For more information on personalized support through Primavera, check out this article.


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