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New Award-Winning Curriculum Coming This Fall!


If you’ve ever gotten in trouble for falling asleep in class, we don’t blame you. Between waking up at the crack of dawn and listening to one person talk for an hour, paying attention can be difficult. That’s where Primavera can help you!

At Primavera Online High School and Middle School, we know that students are not going to spend the necessary time in online coursework if they are bored. We also know that the longer students interact with their coursework, the better they perform. That’s why we’re raising the bar with multimedia, award-winning curriculum.

New Award-Winning Curriculum Coming to Primavera This Fall!

The past couple of years, we’ve been working to provide self-authored curriculum. We are proud to say our curriculum is not only rigorous and fully aligned to state and national standards, but it is truly unlike anything seen in the online world.

Complete with instructional videos, educational games and graphic novels, learning can become something students actually enjoy! Check out the samples below to see some of our incredible new curriculum coming this fall.

Instructional Videos


As you may have noticed from the video above, our instructional videos don’t have a teacher with a monotone voice relaying everything students need to know for an exam. Instead, we have qualified educators taking students back in time through history, so they can understand and apply what they’ve learned rather than simply memorizing facts. It’s not just history courses either! You can expect to see the same engaging videos in language arts, mathematics and science courses.

Educational Games

Man using notebook with blank screen while sitting on sofa.

As a student in geometry, what would be your preferred method of learning? A teacher drawing each shape on the board while you take notes, or playing an entertaining game that helps you quickly learn important concepts? Primavera students get to play games throughout different courses in order to better understand and retain what they’ve learned. Try out the parallelograms game here.

Graphic Novels


Graphic novels are another great way to engage learners. At Primavera, students can delve into the world of relatable characters while learning about important events and concepts. The comic above is part one of an allegory based on the Boston Massacre, which took place in the American Revolutionary War. Students will connect with the main character, Elena, as they see the significance of the events that took place and why the colonies revolted from Britain. Read chapter one of “Citizen” here.

Primavera courses start every two weeks, so you can enroll at a time that’s best for you. Here are the start dates for August:

  • August 1–Enroll by July 26
  • August 15–Enroll by August 10
  • August 29–Enroll by August 24


Click here to see the full 2016-17 calendar.

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  1. Avatar
    Jessica Potts July 29, 2016 at 4:44 pm - Reply

    I WANNA READ THE REST OF CITIZEN!! How do I read the rest?

    • Primavera Online
      Primavera Online August 1, 2016 at 4:05 pm - Reply

      Hi, Jessica. The chapter you read of Citizen is a sample of our curriculum featured in our Social Studies courses. You can experience the full story, along with other exciting educational stories by enrolling with Primavera. 🙂

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