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Rethink Your Education. Join Us at Primavera Online High School


Technology is a vital part of your life. You use it for entertainment, communication, connecting with friends and researching.

So why would you not use it for education?

In the past few decades, the traditional education model has practically remained unchanged. Students in a brick and mortar school are well aware of this. There are still white boards, overhead projectors, TVs rolled in with VCRs. Maybe DVDs, but let’s not get too crazy here.

At Primavera, we believe today’s digital natives should learn in the environment where they’re most comfortable.

That’s why our curriculum, our instructional model, guidance department, even our students, they’re all different than what you’ll find at a traditional school. We’ve rethought learning, and we ask you to join us.

About Primavera’s Community

Our students are not just here to get a high school diploma online. Our students are the:

Wishing to Develop Their Talent

Countless students who are true artists at Primavera. For example, Hannah Potter who became one of the youngest professional ballerinas in Arizona. Read here story here.

Needing Flexibility

Earning an athletic scholarship means practice and commitment. Students like Meghan Lyall make it happen. Read her story here.

Seeking a greater challenge

Take it from Jessica Tylka, who graduated from Primavera at 16 and earned two bachelor’s degrees by 23. Read her story here.

Who Dare to Pursue Their Passions

Dreams become a reality through the courage to try and the dedication to keep going. Just take it from Diana Hernandez, who became the first person to attend college in her family, despite her struggles. Read her story here.

Seeking a Second Chance

Students deserve second chances. Fewer things make us happier than to see a former “struggling student” succeed in school. Like alumnus Austin Jiminez who planned on dropping out before finding Primavera. Read his story here.

Trying to Get an Education for Their Family

Teen parents have an obligation to get an education for their family. And with hard work, they can, at Primavera. Read Mariah Sellers and Alex Garbareno’s story here.

Who Press on Despite Challenges

Losing a loved one or going through a family divorce can make you want to quit. It’s students like Ravyn Schmidt who inspire us to keep moving forward. Read her story here.

Seeking to Jumpstart Their Careers

Many at Primavera don’t wait to start their careers. For example, Rachael Litweiller who graduated high school with a culinary certificate, and $120,000 scholarship. Read her story here.

Rethink Your Education

It’s 2017. Shouldn’t you be able to learn in the way that’s best for you, on your schedule?

We certainly think so.

If you’re stuck in a traditional school and not enjoying it, it’s time to rethink your education. Starting with your curriculum.

Rethink Your Learning: Primavera Curriculum

Our curriculum is specifically designed for digital natives. It’s aligned to state and national standards, but it’s also packed with multimedia lessons so you’ll enjoy your learning.

Within each course, you will find videos, games, graphic novels and more to keep your brain engaged and focused. Learn more about our curriculum here.

Rethink How You’re Instructed: Primavera’s Teachers

Classrooms create a barrier in student-teacher communication. In the traditional school, teachers are limited to helping 30+ each class, then trying to make time after school for tutoring.

Online classrooms allow for more personalized instruction. Teachers have a few online class sessions per day, but the majority of their day is focused on student’s individual needs. Primavera instructors also have tools to easily see who is falling behind and proactively contact anyone needing extra support.

Should a student have a question, they can send an instant message, an email, a phone call or set up personal online tutoring sessions.

Oftentimes, our students report that they communicate more with our instructors than they ever did in their traditional school.

Learn more about our instructional model here.

Rethink College & Career Preparation: Primavera’s Guidance Department

High school is not an ending. It’s merely a pathway to greater things. You don’t want to just get through high school, you want a college and career plan. That’s where Primavera’s guidance department comes into play.

Primavera’s guidance department is organized to get students college and career ready. Students aren’t assigned by their last name, they’re segmented according to individual needs.

Starting in 11th grade, students are assigned to a College & Career Specialist, who is an experienced, certified guidance counselor. They work with students individually to create an ECAP, answer any questions and assist with financial aid or other needs.

Learn more about our guidance department here.

Classes Start Every Two Weeks. Join us into the 21st Century.


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