As always, we had a great turnout at prom, with about 250 students and their guests!

It started out like any dance. A little quiet, perhaps awkward at very first. But it only took a few minutes before it became a lively party. Probably what was really fun about this prom is students got to meet each other face-to-face for the first time.

As our Primavera Panthers already know, our students often communicate with each other through class discussions, student clubs and online staff-monitored chats. And while there are school events throughout the year, our students live throughout the state. Those living in Northern Arizona, for example, don’t have the luxury of attending many of the events.

But prom is different. It’s a little more centrally located. And it’s on a weekend, so many will make the drive to meet each other.

Probably the farthest on record was the White family, who drove 6 hours to experience a ‘city prom’ while in high school.

“I drove six hours last year to get my daughter and her two cousins there,” said one parent, Hermina White. “To give them the experience of a city prom and meet their friends was really great for us.”


The venue was beautifully decorated by Primavera’s National Honor Society and Student Government Association members in a Midnight in Paris theme.

There were a great many brave students who came to prom on their own. But it did not take long before each of these students found new friends.

The crowd favorite was the Cha Cha Slide, that’s when we saw the students really getting out and dancing.


About two weeks before the event, we held a contest to let students submit stories or artwork to win prom tickets. We had awesome entries, so whether they won or not, we want to feature them all!

Starting with the winners…

First place: Jaden D.

Jaden submitted a very compelling story about his journey to Primavera. Click on the button below:


Second place winner: Greta W.

Greta shares how she overcame obstacles to achieve her goals. Check out her story:


Third place winner: Julie W.

Julie submitted a short and sweet story on her journey to Primavera. Check it out:

“I never thought primavera would change who I am as a person. It gave me many opportunities and help me learn who I was as a person without others changing me. When I started primavera I had low self-esteem and was making poor choices. I got more focused on my classes and was going to graduate in two years. But then I got the opportunity to join West-MEC and then take college classes at Rio Salado. If I wasn’t as focused on my classes then I would have never gotten that chance. I am now going to graduate with more than half of my associates degree done. I am testing to be certified as a vet assistant as well. I got to treat animals and see many different things. An important thing was I got closer to my family. We have had our ups and downs. But I learned the importance of family. I never would have without primavera. All the guidance counselor and teachers guiding me through. Thank you!!”


We honestly had so many great submissions, it was a tough choice for the STUGO club! So, we thought we’d feature a few more:

Lenny O.:

Samantha S.

“If I could switch lives with a celebrity, I would switch lives with Michelle Rodriguez because she is very pretty, kind, and cool. On top of that, Michelle is funny, independent, and serious. She is everything I wish I could be. I am afraid to go out of my comfort zone to try new things. While Michelle’s confidence in herself soars, my confidence tends to wavier. I don’t know how to stand up for myself. Michelle has always been one of my top three role models.”

Dasia G.

“Primavera has changed my life more than you know. I was bullied at my old school, was told to kill myself, to even considering it. But then I knew I could be way more than what they said I was. So I decided to change school’s and get to really know who I am without kids saying hurtful things to me. My life is better because I can really focus on my school work rather than what people were saying. My life is different because I had a chance to take away negativity and bring in the positive. I know that if I hadn’t made this change to Primavera, five months ago, I’d probably would be dead, but I’m so happy that I changed my life around so that way I could do better things in my life as well as getting a great education and having a lot of free time to see what I want to do in the future!”