Online middle school? Why, yes, it’s an option! You don’t have to wait until high school to start your  path to a more personalized education from the comfort of your home.

Not only is our online middle school available to 6–8th grade students, but it is actually a classroom developed for today’s teens.

A lot of online schools will be extremely text-heavy, very little graphics and boring videos.

But Primavera’s online middle school is different:

About Primavera’s online middle school

To truly understand the importance of our online middle school, we’ll need to give a little back story.

Let’s start with the beginning…

It’s September 2001, Primavera just opened a blended learning center for high school students. Only a handful of students are enrolled, but they are eager to succeed. Fast forward about six years. Primavera’s rapidly grown, probably thanks to our unique alternative to the traditional approach. There have been about 600 graduates.

Fast forward a little more. Many parents are requesting for younger courses, or a middle school. Since we’ve always believed every student deserves a great education, we decided to expand our opportunity a little more. And so, in the fall of 2011, Primavera Online Middle School was born.

Jump another year later, demand for the online middle school has grown so much that we added 6th grade courses.

Now we’re back to the present. Our school serves hundreds of 6–8th grade middle school students, most of which continue on to Primavera Online High School.

How online middle school works

A traditional school consists of going to a building and attending about six classes throughout the day where a teacher presents a topic and assigns homework.

With online middle school, students log in and learn lessons by reading, watching videos, playing games, etc. In other words, they start with the ‘homework.’ Teachers gather data from workbooks and quizzes to identify areas students are struggling. Then, online sessions are held. Teachers and students log in real-time to discuss difficulty points and expound on lessons wherever needed. These sessions are recorded, so a student can access them later.

If a student has a question, they do not have to wait for the online sessions. They can email, instant message or call their teachers. For additional personalized attention, students can schedule 1-1 online tutoring sessions.

Workbooks, quizzes, exams and other material are all completed online.

To look into a day in the life of an online student, check out this post.

Semester-long courses to help students transition easily to online school

New this year: Primavera online middle school now follows a semester schedule.

To help middle school students transition smoothly from traditional to online school, we changed our schedule to semester-long courses. Just like a traditional school, students will take about six classes at a time. The difference is they can do so from the comfort of their homes. With an updated, award-winning curriculum. And personalized attention from teachers. And a safe way to connect with friends. And awesome school events. And giveaways for our students. OK, we’ll stop.

To learn more about our semester courses, head here.

A little more about Primavera Online Middle School

  • Tuition-free courses. No fees, no catch, just free.
  • 100% online to study in the comfort of home or anywhere with internet.
  • Semester-long courses for a traditional school experience at home
  • Accredited by AdvancED to receive a real, quality education.[/fusion_li_item]
  • A curriculum that’s filled with videos, illustrations, graphic novels and more to enjoy learning.[/fusion_li_item]
  • Highly qualified teachers and certified counselors to provide individualized support.[/fusion_li_item]


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