Summer School

Primavera’s summer school is available to all 9-12th grade students under 22 and is completely tuition free. Courses are condensed into four weeks to help you stay focused, and let you still enjoy your summer. Whether you need to make up credits or want to get ahead, summer school is a great way to get caught up or even graduate early.

Enrollment for 2016 Summer School has ended. For questions, please call 480.405.2703.

2016 Summer Course Catalog

Primavera offers a variety of summer school courses, including core subjects like English, math and science, along with an impressive list of elective options.

English 9A English 9B
English 10A English 10B
English 11A English 11B
English 12A English 12B
Algebra 1A Algebra 1B
Geometry A Geometry B
Algebra 2A Algebra 2A Concepts
Algebra 2B Algebra 2B Concepts
Business Math A Business Math B
Advanced Math A Advaned Math B
General Science A General Science B
Biology A Biology B
Human Anatomy & Physiology Environmental Science
Chemistry A Chemistry B
Physics A Physics B
Botany & Zoology
World History A World History B
American History A American History B
American Civics & Government Economics
2 Dimensional Design Art in World Cultures
Spanish 1A Spanish 1B
Spanish 2A Spanish 2B
Spanish 3A Spanish 3B
Criminology – Inside the Criminal Mind Character Education
Physical Education Child Development
Computer Basics Financial Literacy
Health Hospitality & Tourism
Fashion & Interior Design Retailing
Psychology A Psychology B
Sociology A Sociology B
World Religions Exploring Diversity