Student Support & Guidance

guidance counselor with students

Guidance Department

Primavera Online High School is committed to providing top-notch educational guidance and support to all of our students through our state certified school counselors and paraprofessional guidance support personnel. Their mission is to help students focus on their academic, personal, social and career development needs so that they may achieve their academic goals and lead productive, fulfilling lives as responsible members of their community.

Guidance counselors prepare students for life after high school through:

  • SAT/ACT exam resources
  • Educational Career Action Plans (ECAP)
  • College and career planning
  • Dual-enrollment courses
  • Assisting students who want to join the military

To contact the guidance department, please call 480.405.2714

The Welcome Team

Within our Guidance Department are separate teams to help with specific needs of our students. When students come to Primavera, they are set up with our Welcome Team who will assist new students in adjusting to the online environment and curriculum, evaluate students’ progress and create individual plans for graduation. Once acclimated to the Primavera environment, students will be assigned to one guidance counselor, who will be their main point of contact for academic planning and other questions they may have.

Graduation ECAP Team

As students come closer to completing their diplomas, they are set up with a member of the Graduation ECAP team within our Guidance Department who will evaluate individual transcripts to determine students’ progress toward graduation, and personally develop an individualized state-mandated Educational Career Action Plan (ECAP) for each student. Our Graduation ECAP Team is also available to assist students and parents with college and career planning, dual enrollment courses, university admissions requirements and offer advice on financial aid and scholarships.


At Primavera Online High School, our highly qualified, certified teachers provide constant communication and support through active daily discussion boards, substantive feedback on all assignments, real-time online learning sessions, phone calls, instant messaging, emails and blogs—all of which connect our students, parents and instructors to move toward the mutual goal of academic success leading to a high school diploma and college and career readiness. If you would like to see any of our teachers’ credentials, please visit our Chandler office.

Special Education

Primavera offers Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) for students with specialized needs. Our Special Education Department provides each student who has specific learning difficulties in school with an adaptive education that meets his/her unique needs. The Special Education Department teachers also ensure that all academic instructors implement the necessary modifications or accommodations in the student’s courses in order to provide specially designed instruction for these students.

Special Education teachers routinely co-teach classes with regular education instructors. Primavera Online High School’s Special Education policies and procedures have been developed to comply with all applicable Federal and State statutes and regulations, including but not limited to: the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), the IDEA implementing regulations, Arizona State Statutes and the Arizona Administrative Code. Primavera affirms that all Arizona children with disabilities aged 14-21 within its jurisdiction have the right to a free and appropriate public education that Primavera will provide.

If you suspect your child has a disability, please contact your teacher or the guidance department. More info about AZ Child Find