In Arizona, it seems school starts earlier every year. Just go find an elderly (or maybe better worded, wise) person. They’ll tell you. “Back in my day, school didn’t start until after Labor Day!” They also probably had to walk to school uphill both ways in the snow, in Arizona.

But, really and truly, many schools start school the end of July these days. If not July, then the very first of August.

For those of you who aren’t quite ready to end the fun, Primavera Online High School has options for you.

Enrollment is every two weeks, so you can get started on your time

Primavera starts new blocks every other Monday throughout the school year. This is because we split classes into six-week blocks, and start a new “track” every two weeks. You can enroll in an A track, B track or C track.

Of course, starting later in the year means ending school a little later. But if you’re not quite ready to end the summer fun just yet, consider one of these start dates:

  • A1 Track: July 30

  • B1 Track: August 13

  • C1 Track: August 27

You can view the full 2018–2019 schedule on our School Schedule website page.

How the six-week blocks work

Primavera students take the same amount of classes as a traditional student over the school year; it’s just split up differently. Instead of six courses at once in a semester, students take two courses every six weeks to better focus and improve retention.

It’s also a great opportunity to catch up or get ahead. With approval from a guidance counselor, students can add on an extra course each block in order to catch up on credits, or get ahead and graduate early.

How to Enroll for Primavera

Getting started at Primavera is simple. Watch the video below to see what you need to do.

If you prefer to read, we’ve got the steps spelled out for you below:

Steps to Enroll at Primavera

1. Fill out the online application.

2. Check your email for a username and link, and finish the application

3. Talk with an Enrollment Advisor at 480.405.2703 to turn in documents and get questions answered.

Other things you might want to know about Primavera

To learn more about online high school vs. a traditional school, check out our recent blog post. To get started on enrolling, click HERE.

  • Do you have questions about Primavera Online High School? Share with us in the comments below, or talk with an Enrollment Advisor at 480.405.2703.