Great question!

When you’ve fallen behind on credits or dropped out, you want a quick solution.

And that’s why many seek Primavera Online High School.

Earning a diploma is no easy task. But Primavera could help you catch up on credits faster than a traditional school.

So, what does it take to earn an online high school diploma?

Here are the requirements.

Subject Area

Credits Required

Language Arts4
Mathematics(for university prep, 4th year must be upper division level)
Science(for university prep, must be lab sciences)
Social Studies3
Fine Arts/Vocational(for university prep, must be fine arts)
World Languages(for university prep, 2 credits in same language are required)
Required State Civics Test (House Bill 2064)Pass*
Total Core Subject Credits16
Total Credits Required22

*STATE GRADUATION REQUIREMENT: Students must pass the required civics test with a 60% or higher per House Bill 2064.

You might notice the requirements are the same as your traditional school. Since we are accredited, NCAA approved, and a public charter school, you will take the same classes here as you would at your current or old school.

If an online high school diploma requires the same amount of classes (or work) as a regular school, then why attend?


Why earn an online high school diploma?

An online high school diploma is a great option for:

  • Students who are behind on credits
  • Students who want to graduate early
  • Those who need a flexible schedule
  • Those who want to study from the comfort of home
  • You can learn more of the benefits of online school here.

If you’re needing to get back on track, an online high school diploma is your best option. You’ll get personalized support from teachers as you catch up on credits, and a guidance counselor is always just a phone call away to help you through your academic journey.

Online courses not allow more personalized support, but adding on courses is more doable, thanks to Primaera’s accelerated track.

Primavera’s six-week accelerated courses

For 11th grade and up, we offer six-week courses. That means 1-3 classes every six weeks. This allows you to add on extra courses and catch up quicker than a traditional school.

You can enroll in these courses either as a full-time student, or you can stay at your current school and take one class with Primavera as a part-time student. You can learn more here.

How much time should you spend on classes in online school?

Students need to spend 30 hours a week on classes. Usually, that means six hours a day, but students can split it up however they see fit.

For students taking semester classes, we recommend one lesson a day per class. For those enrolled in six-week courses, one unit a week per course.

Here’s what a day in a life at Primavera could look like:

  • Wake up (when you want)
  • Knock out about three hours of coursework, studying or participating in class discussions
  • Take a break! Go explore, eat lunch or do something you love
  • Finish up for a few more hours
  • Go to work, spend time with family or enjoy your evening how you want!

Students need to spend about six hours a day. Many find that focusing for 2-3 hours on school work at a time with fun breaks in between makes the day go by much faster.

It takes a lot of work to earn an online high school diploma, but it’s worth it. Plus, you’ll have teachers and counselors helping you every step of the way.



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