The Panther Post features talented Primavera students with a love for the arts. This month, we received a great poem by 10th grade student Lia Nelson. Lia told us she took a unique angle to writing this poem; she knew she wanted to try poetry but didn’t know what to write. Eventually, she came up with this encouraging poem. Check it out below.

“I wrote this poem because I had no idea of what to write. After sitting for a while, I realized that I could write about not having ideas.” – Lia Nelson, 10th grade

“Capable” By Lia Nelson

Out of ideas

One blank mind

Maybe too many things

Running at the same time

Thoughts of love

Comedy too

Silly sad stories

That turn you blue

Perhaps I’m a genius

Or crazy insane

Yet, I know one thing

I’m capable of using my brain

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