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Primavera: The Best Online High School in Arizona

Is Primavera the best online high school in Arizona? We certainly think so.

It may be a bold claim, but we feel we can back it up. For one, we’re Arizona’s largest high school. We educate approximately 20,000 students every year, with a 93% satisfaction rate.

Although it’s a large school, instruction is personalized. That’s just one of the reasons that makes Primavera the best online high school.

What Makes Primavera the Best Online High School in Arizona?

We’ll start with our favorite:

Personalized instruction from highly qualified teachers

Highly qualified is not just a fancy term; it’s important. Teachers must be state-certified in every school, but not all have to be highly qualified. This means a teacher meets state and national requirements. Primavera requires our teachers are highly qualified in order to provide the best instruction. On top of that, more than 63% of our instructors hold a Master’s degree or higher.

We remove the barriers of the traditional classroom to provide our students personalized support. Have a question? Instant message your teacher, call her or send her an email. Need tutoring? Access our free 24/7 tutoring services. Need more help specifically from your teacher? Set up an in-person or online appointment.

Help is readily available at our student’s fingertips. For more information on our instruction model, check out this article.

Caring guidance counselors

You might know your current counselor’s name. But chances are, you probably haven’t seen him/her too much unless you have a significant need. If we had to guess, your counselor is assigned to you based on your last name.

Our guidance department is a little different. We have a team of paraprofesionals, certified guidance counselors and college & career specialists dedicated to helping throughout your journey at Primavera. You’re not assigned based on your last name. Rather, a specialized counselor is assigned to you according to your needs.

When you start with Primavera, you work with a Welcome Team Paraprofessional. Their sole purpose is to help you acclimate to the online environment. After, you work with a Continuing Team Paraprofessional for any basic academic needs. Should you have any greater needs, such as a 504, IEP plan, or family responsibilities, a certified guidance counselor will be assigned to you as well. Guidance Counselors are not limited to these types of students; they are available to any students in need. Once you reach 12th grade, you are assigned to a College & Career Specialist who is dedicated to helping you prepare for life after high school.

This structure allows counselors to focus on individual student needs. As you go on your journey through high school, you’ll encounter new situations and have different needs. It would make sense, then, that you’d have a new specialist for each need as you go.

You can learn more about our Guidance department in this post.

Six-week courses

Six, seven, sometimes eight courses at once causes unnecessary stress. 15+ weeks of the same course makes remembering and retaining information difficult.

That’s why Primavera offers two courses every six weeks. Our coursework is rigorous, but you can focus on just two courses instead of trying to juggle so many classes at once. It can also improve your memory and retention, since finals are six-weeks later and not 15+ weeks.

One of the best parts about this model is it empowers students to catch up on credits or graduate early. Approved students can take extra courses to get ahead.

Learn more about catching up on credits here.

Learn more about graduating early here.

Flexible schedule

To many students, what makes Primavera the best online high school is its flexibility. Some online schools claim they are flexible, but still require you to work from 8 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. That’s not how we operate.

Of course, school requires a lot of work every week. Fifteen hours weekly per course, to be exact. But you aren’t required to work at a set time. Whether you want to work from 8 a.m. – 2 p.m., 1 – 7 p.m., or prefer to split it up throughout the day, that’s your choice.

This is most appealing to our excelling students with time-demanding extracurricular activities. Some are aspiring professional athletes while others work to support their family. These students work hard to balance their lives, but it’s only possible through online school. And we’re proud to make that a possibility.

Award-winning curriculum

Primavera features self-authored, award-winning curriculum. Courses are aligned to state and national standards, just like traditional schools. The difference is learning is enjoyable with Primavera. There are several pieces of multimedia in each course. These include videos, graphic-novel style stories and games.

Learn more about our curriculum in this post.

Accredited and tuition free

We can’t forget these two important factors. The best online high school in Arizona would of course need to be accredited. It’s what gives value to the diploma and quality to the education. Primavera is AdvancED accredited, which you can learn more about here.

Because we are a public charter school, Primavera is also tuition free. We are grateful to be able to provide a quality education to all Arizona 6–12th grade students, so we can better serve individual student needs and help them accomplish their goals.

July/August start dates:

  • July 31
  • August 14
  • August 28

Don’t forget to finish enrolling by the Wednesday before the first start date.  Classes start every other Monday. See the full schedule here.

Interested in enrolling in Arizona’s best online high school? Give us a call at 480.405.2703 or click the button below.



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