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This course will help the student learn the basics of computer skills. The student will work with basic software programs such as word processing, spreadsheets and presentations. Students can also improve their keyboarding speed and accuracy.

Suggested grade level: 7
Prerequisites: None

Games have been played for thousands of years. Man has loved to find ways to entertain himself. In this course, the student becomes the game master! Students will learn the basics of gaming: from what makes a game fun to what makes a game work. Students will explore all types of games in this course, from mental games to board games to video games. The focus of the course is on developing a student’s ability to recognize good game play mechanics as well as the steps necessary to produce a game. This course will NOT require students to know or learn a programming language. The emphasis is on the history of games and the design of games, as well as learning about the different careers available in the game industry.

Suggested grade level: 8
Prerequisites: None

In Middle School Photography: Drawing with Light, you’ll learn how to take photographs, the basics of using a camera and how to avoid common photography mistakes. Once you get the hang of this process, you’ll be taking photos that will amaze your friends and have them wondering how you do it.

Suggested grade level: 8
Prerequisites: None

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