Why Primavera

happy group of 7 Primavera students

Personalized Academics

Primavera Online High School offers a variety of different choices when it comes to earning a diploma. Whether students are looking for part-time or full-time enrollment, Primavera has a personalized academic program that caters to each student’s specific needs. Primavera also offers a wide selection of highly rigorous courses for students to choose from designed to not only meet state standards, but challenge students to learn in new ways while engaging the world around them.

Full-time students at Primavera have the opportunity to earn a fully-accredited high school diploma. Upon graduation, students will be prepared to move on to a university or go straight into a career.

Students currently attending another high school can make up credits or get ahead by taking advantage of the part-time (concurrent) enrollment offered at Primavera. With our classes being organized into a rotating block schedule, part-time students can enroll in one course every six weeks. This often helps our part-time students make up courses more quickly than they could in a traditional setting.

Primavera also offers students a variety of dual enrollment courses so students can begin preparing for college early.

Interactive Student Life

Just because you attend high school online doesn’t mean you can’t have a social life! Primavera offers students numerous ways to get involved. Students are encouraged to interact with their peers and teachers by attending school events, joining one of our student clubs and by utilizing the communication tools provided in the Parent Student Portal.

Our Street Team participates at events across the state, such as concerts, fairs, festivals and hosts student events such as Casting Calls and Preview Primavera to provide students and parents with opportunities to meet one another and build relationships.

And don’t forget to check out our Blog, which includes giveaways, event recaps and even features student-submitted work. We also have a strong social media presence and invite all of our students and parents to join the discussion and fun on Facebook and Twitter.

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Supportive Faculty + Staff

Many students find success within our structure because of the focused, individualized attention they receive from our highly-qualified teachers, faculty and staff, which they often do not experience in other educational environments.

Through phone calls, emails and online discussion boards our team of teachers, guidance counselors, tutors and student advisors are here to help each student learn and grow. Students also have access to math coaches and tutors who all work together to help them succeed.

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