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Primavera is a tuition-free public charter school serving the needs of Arizona students statewide. We provide a high-quality educational program based on best practices that combine academic rigor, flexibility and a strong support network delivering successful student outcomes. All Primavera courses are completed entirely online and are aligned to meet state and national standards. Primavera’s student body is culturally diverse with a population that is:

  • 45% White
  • 40% Hispanic/Latino
  • 5% African American
  • 4% Native American
  • 6% Asian, Pacific Islander or other


Each school year Primavera has approximately 10,000 full-time high school students and 700 middle school students. Primavera Online High School was founded by Damian Creamer as Primavera Technical Learning Center, a non-profit Arizona educational corporation, in Chandler, AZ, on September 10, 2001. Primavera undergoes an accreditation process every five years through the AdvancED. In April 2015, Primavera’s accreditation was renewed for an additional five years.


Full-time students who graduate through Primavera will earn a fully-accredited diploma. Our faculty and staff provide personalized attention, helping prepare our students to successfully complete their academic coursework and pass state and national standardized assessments. The academic program is organized on a rotating block schedule, and students are enrolled in two courses every six weeks. Students who attend another high school can make up credits or get ahead by taking advantage of concurrent enrollment status. Primavera also offers dual enrollment courses through various post-secondary institutions throughout the state.

Student Life

Primavera students are offered numerous ways to be involved in extracurricular activities and are encouraged to interact with their peers and teachers by attending school events, joining clubs and by using the communication tools provided in the Parent Student Portal. Primavera boasts a strong social media presence and invites all students to join the discussion on Facebook and Twitter. Seniors are also invited to attend a graduation ceremony.

Faculty & Staff

Primavera employs more than 300 faculty and staff. Our teachers are highly qualified in their subject area, Arizona Certified, and more than 60% of the instructors hold a Master’s degrees or higher.

Post-Secondary Placement

Primavera students consistently perform at or above average on the SAT and ACT exams. After graduating:

  • 58% of recent graduates stated they planned to attend college or university after graduation
  • 13% stated they planned to attend a trade school
  • 3% planned to join the military
  • 25% planned to join the workforce or other

Student Satisfaction Rates

  • 90% of our students are highly satisfied with their online instructor interactions
  • 93% say the technology used in courses helped them learn the material
  • 95% of our students found their lessons well-organized and easy to follow
  • 93% are highly satisfied with their overall learning experience.