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Full-Time Enrollment

Full-time students at Primavera have the opportunity to earn a fully-accredited high school diploma. To assist them in achieving this goal, our faculty and staff provide personalized attention that helps prepare our students to successfully complete their academic coursework, as well as pass the state-mandated tests. With a spring graduation, access to a variety of student clubs, events and an online social community to stay connected, students attending full-time can have a fun and enjoyable high school experience.

Part-Time Enrollment (Concurrent)

Primavera offers students enrolled in other high schools the opportunity to attend part-time (concurrent) and take Primavera courses for high school credits. This is the perfect solution for students looking for a credit recovery option, or for those looking to accelerate their progress and graduate early.

Dual Enrollment – College Credit

Dual enrollment is offered in partnership with various post-secondary institutions throughout the state, allowing students to earn college credits while taking courses at Primavera. Additional tuition or other fees may be charged to students enrolled in dual credit courses.

Students interested in dual enrollment should contact one of our guidance counselors to receive more information about the application process.

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Academic Placement Program

Upon enrollment, there will be a review of each new student’s previous grades, assessment scores and transcripts from other schools. This review will assist in determining appropriate courses to assign the student, setting them up for success at Primavera while placing them on track to meet the Arizona graduation requirements.


The Education and Career Action Plan (ECAP), which was approved for all 9th-12th grade students by the Arizona State Board of Education in 2008, allows students to further personalize their education at Primavera by working with our guidance counselors to ensure their course load aligns with their skills, interests and future aspirations. Our guidance counselors work with each student to design an ECAP that will help the student reach their post-secondary career or collegiate goals through the courses they take and experiences they’re involved with while at Primavera. To learn more about the graduation ECAP team program, CLICK HERE.