Our Classroom

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Adapting to the online learning environment can be a challenge, but at Primavera, we strive to make online learning personalized, safe and enjoyable. In our classrooms, students can take control of their education and empower themselves to maximize their potential.

The Primavera online classroom is engineered specifically for our students with user-friendly technologies. Course blogs and classroom discussion boards create a collaborative learning environment while providing an essential sense of community. Each course consists of 30 lessons that students are encouraged to complete at their own pace, although it’s recommended that students complete one lesson per day in order to stay on track and finish their courses within the six-week course block.

Parent Student Portal

Students access the Parent Student Portal (PSP) by logging in through the main page of the Primavera Online High School website. It is here that students can enter their virtual classrooms, review course grades, view graduation progress, manage their course schedule, interact with Primavera staff, participate in the Community page within the PSP and much more. The PSP is the hub of the school providing resources and access to educational tools that assist students in achieving success.

Parents of students under the age of 18 can log in to the Primavera PSP as an authorized user. After logging in, authorized users will be presented the same layout as a student, with accessibility to their student’s courses, Community, Progress and more, all neatly displayed on the side navigation panel. Authorized users are given the tools to help manage their student’s account including the ability to turn off the Community and their own message center where they can send messages directly to their student’s teachers and advisors.

PSP courses panel


Primavera’s school week runs Saturday through Friday and parents are responsible for verifying their students’ daily attendance through their authorized user login. All full-time students must be in attendance a minimum of 30 hours per week (15 hours suggested per course per week). Concurrent students are required to submit 15 hours of attendance per week per course.

Instructional activities that count towards attendance are activities such as,
but not limited to:

  • Attending the online activities and classrooms
  • Reading books or other instructional materials
  • Writing papers, essays, stories or other assignments, including postings for classroom participation
  • Conducting research (online or other methods)
  • Troubleshooting technical issues
  • Contacting Primavera Staff

All Students must submit five lessons over a seven day period per course.

The Community

PSP community panel

Hosted and monitored by Primavera, the PSP Community is a safe, virtual social-network environment where students have the opportunity to get to know and interact with each other. Within the Community, students may join groups and create their own profile that can include photos, interests, blogs and comments. The PSP Community helps create a better sense of school spirit and pride while attending Primavera Online High School.

At Primavera we encourage a healthy and positive culture. That’s why we adhere to a strict no bullying/cyber-bullying/harassment policy. Click here to read more.


PSP graduation progress panel

MyProgress is a feature located in the Parent Student Portal that allows students to track their progress toward graduation. Within this section students are able to:

  • View graduation progress, current GPA, academic status, as well as current and upcoming enrollment.
  • Print unofficial transcripts.
  • Access testing information, register for tests and find when and where tests will be.
  • Find links to useful resources
  • And much more!