About Us

About Us

Our Mission

Since its beginning, Primavera Online High School has attracted students who are looking for a more personalized and flexible approach to their education. Primavera’s online and highly supportive model is appealing to students who wish to accelerate their education, catch up on courses quicker through our six-week blocks or need personalized attention from our highly-qualified instructors.

Our mission is to provide a rigorous and personalized education in a highly interactive virtual learning environment. As an alternative school, we are dedicated to educating all Arizona students seeking an accredited high school diploma while engaging students who are credit deficient.

Our History

Damian Creamer

Damian Creamer, Primavera Founder

Primavera Online High School was founded by Damian Creamer as Primavera Technical Learning Center, a non-profit Arizona educational corporation, in Chandler, AZ, on September 10, 2001. Since opening its doors to a handful of students, Primavera has become the largest high school in Arizona serving thousands of students each year.

Primavera attracts students who are looking for an alternative, internet-based approach to traditional school. This alternative education model is appealing to a variety of students, whether they are looking to catch up on credits, accelerate their education, needing a flexible schedule due to illness, a professional career or other circumstances, are geographically distant from traditional schools or simply desire to learn from the security of their own homes.