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6 Ways Online Summer School Can Help High School Students

Save your summer with online classes. Our online summer school courses are 100% online and can be completed around your schedule—no classrooms, no rigid schedule and no summer school fees or tuition! Here are six ways online summer school can help Arizona high school students:


6 Ways Online Summer School Can Help You

1. Catch up on credits

Falling behind in school can become overwhelming. If you’re not on track to graduate on time, taking a summer school session or two can help.

And if summer school isn’t enough to get you caught up, you can take a 6-week online course with Primavera anytime during the school year to catch up on credits. Check out this story about a student who took summer school classes to catch up in school.

2. Make up a failed grade

Didn’t do so great in math last semester? Maybe Chemistry knocked you off track? Don’t worry!

You can make up a failed grade during summer school. While the class may not be easier the second time around, rest assured your teacher will be there to help you through with personalized support by phone, email, instant messaging and tutoring. Plus, you’ll have just one subject to focus on during summer.

3. Lighten up your school year 

Taking a summer course online can build more time into your regular school year schedule for sports, a job or internship, or to fit in more classes. Or simply lighten your load so you can focus better on fewer courses next year.

4. Get a jump start on college credits

There are a number of dual-enrollment courses Primavera and other high schools offer through local community colleges where you can earn both high school and college credit. While there is a community college fee for taking these courses, it’s a great way spread out the cost of college and get ahead in your education.

Learn more about Primavera dual-enrollment courses in this blog post.

5. Graduate early

Motivated to graduate early? Going to summer school each year is a great way to reach this goal. And if you’re not already a Primavera student and want to get even further ahead, consider taking a 6-week class with us during the school year. You can do this while attending your regular high school.

Learn more about graduating early here.

6. Expand your horizons

Online school offers elective courses that your school might not have. Want to learn more about criminology, world religions or psychology? There’s a summer school course for that!

Keep your mind sharp over summer break while exploring a potential college or career path… and earn elective credit while you’re at it!

Online classes are just as challenging as they are at traditional high schools. However, we think you’ll love our coursework! It’s developed especially for Primavera students, complete with award-winning videos, teacher-led lessons and games to help you master those difficult concepts and skills. Plus, our teachers are passionate about helping each and every one of their students succeed.

Primavera is accredited and our coursework is aligned to national and state standards. So it should be easy to transfer core or elective credits you earn from Primavera to your high school.

Check out this blog post for important information on transferring credits.

Summer school sessions begin May 30 and July 3. Spots fill up fast, so enroll in a Primavera Online Summer School class today!



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