Everyone deserves a GREAT education!

Welcome to Primavera Online High School!

Primavera, the leader in online education in the state of Arizona, offers students a truly unique and enjoyable alternative to the traditional high school experience. We seek to provide students throughout Arizona with a personalized, rigorous education through our award-winning curriculum, highly qualified instructors and certified guidance counselors.

We also host a robust student life at Primavera to create an atmosphere of collaboration and community. With activities like student clubs, school dances and monthly events, Primavera students can easily meet their classmates and make friends. Once you see what Primavera is about, we are confident you will make the same decision that more than 25,000 students make every year.

Tuition Free

Tuition-Free Online High School

As a public charter school, Primavera is tuition free to all 6–12th grade Arizona students.


Accredited High School Diploma

Graduates from Primavera will earn an accredited high school diploma recognized by colleges, universities and employers.

Six-Week Courses

Two Courses Every Six Weeks

Students will take two courses every six weeks to stay focused, catch up on credits or graduate early.

Student Satisfaction Rates

Highly satisfied with online instructor interactions
Said technology helped them learn their course material
Found lessons well-organized and easy to follow
Highly satisfied with overall learning experience
“Through my experience with Primavera, I learned that a traditional classroom is not for everyone, and an online experience may be more beneficial since there are no distractions and you can work at your own pace. I highly recommend online school to everyone…it is an opportunity you will not regret..” -Jessica Tylka, Graduate
Jessica Tylka
“Primavera was the best option for me because it allowed me to get a job and save money. That is why I am proud to be a student here. The staff is nice and supporting. I’m able to graduate a year early with the help of the instructors and advisors.” -Devin Moleterno, Student
Devin Moleterno
“During this past summer the opportunity to fulfill my dream of becoming a professional dancer happened when I was offered a contract to join a ballet company as their youngest member! Thanks to the flexibility of Primavera I was able to pursue that opportunity and finish high school at the same time.” -Hannah Potter, Student
Hannah Potter
“I was diagnosed with Tuberous Sclerosis…and it was unbearable to stay in a classroom anymore… My mom came across Primavera Online High School and ever since I started, this school has been flexible and helpful. I would definitely recommend Primavera to any other student who has a sickness and can’t attend regular school.” -Violet Sabou, Student
Violet Sabou