High School Graduation

Graduation Overview

Graduation is the culmination of a four year commitment to higher learning and growth, where students can proudly look back on a time well spent at Primavera Online High School. Memories were made, stories were shared and a wealth of knowledge was consumed, but the experience doesn’t stop there. Whether the next step for a student is applying for college or beginning a professional career with the resources they’ve gathered at Primavera, everyone deserves the official high school send off, and that’s why Primavera Online High School proudly organizes a graduation ceremony for all of its high school graduates each year.

Primavera’s Graduation Ceremony includes a keynote speaker, an address from the Principal, special acknowledgements to performing faculty and a charge to graduates before the turning of tassels. At the conclusion of the ceremony graduates who have completed all requirements receive their accredited high school diploma.

To step in the shoes of a graduate and experience what a Primavera graduation is all about, check out the following video: