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Primavera is a tuition-free public charter school serving the needs of Arizona students statewide. We provide a high-quality educational program based on best practices that combine academic rigor, flexibility and a strong support network delivering successful student outcomes. All Primavera courses are completed entirely online and are aligned to meet state and national standards.

Primavera offers both full time and concurrent enrollment and the ability to select from any of the current courses offered at Primavera. To view the full Primavera course catalog, CLICK HERE.

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2013-2014 Schedule

Fall 2013 Schedule Start End
A1 8/5 9/18
B1 8/19 10/2
C1 9/3 10/15
A2 9/23 11/6
B2 10/7 11/20
C2 10/18 12/4
A3 11/12 1/2
B3 11/25 1/15
C3 12/9 1/29
A4 1/6 2/18



Primavera Online High School is NCA accredited and fully aligned to meet common core, state, and national standards. We offer a rigorous online curriculum taught by our highly-qualified and certified faculty members who are committed to helping each student succeed. Tuition is absolutely free and completed entirely online, giving Primavera students the access and flexibility to complete their required coursework from anywhere throughout the world at any given time of the day.

Whether it’s a desire to get ahead in your education or recover credits, we’re here to help!