High School Courses

Edited 2 Number 65

2014-2015 Course Catalog

Primavera offers a variety of courses including core subjects such as English, Math, Reading and Science along with an impressive list of elective options. Course descriptions and details, including prerequisites, can be found in the catalog below or by clicking on a department to the left.

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English 9A English 9B
English 10A English 10B
English 11A English 11B
English 12A English 12B
Algebra 1A Algebra 1B
Geometry A Geometry B
Integrated High School Math A Integrated High School Math B
Math Standards A Math Standards B
Algebra 2A Algebra 2A Concepts
Algebra 2B Algebra 2B Concepts
Business Math A Business Math B
Advanced Math A Advaned Math B
General Science A General Science B
Biology A Biology B
Human Anatomy & Physiology Earth and Space Science A
Environmental Science Botany and Zoology
Chemistry A Chemistry B
Physics A Physics B
World History A World History B
American History A American History B
American Government Economics
2 Dimensional Design Art History
Spanish 1A Spanish 1B
Spanish 2A Spanish 2B
Spanish 3A Spanish 3B
7 Habits Character Education
Physical Education Child Development
Computer Basics English Language Development – Basic Reading
PowerPoint 2010 Certification Preparation* Excel 2010 Certification Preparation*
Word 2010 Certification Preparation* Health
Hospitality & Tourism Law & Ethics
My Success 2.0 Ownership Spirit
Psychology A Psychology B
Retailing Financial Literacy
Sociology A Sociology B
*This course may require additional software