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22 07, 2016

New Award-Winning Curriculum Coming This Fall!

If you've ever gotten in trouble for falling asleep in class, we don't blame you. Between waking up at the crack of dawn and listening to one person talk for an hour, paying attention can be difficult. That's where Primavera can help you! At Primavera Online High School and Middle School, we know that students are not going [...]

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18 07, 2016

Student Spotlights: Margret St John

At Primavera, we have countless talented, hardworking students. In this blog series, we highlight one of our exemplary students. This month, we are proud to share the story of one student, written in her own words. Margret St John is an 18 yr old young mother who despite setbacks in life, is back on track [...]

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15 07, 2016

Their Way Or Your Way: Make the Switch to Primavera

When it comes to where you receive your education, we want you to know that you have options! If you're not enjoying sitting in a chaotic classroom packed with 30+ students, eating the same old cafeteria food or lugging that heavy backpack filled with old textbooks from class to class, then you might want [...]

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13 07, 2016

“Pete Baker and the Wolves” by Rebecca Holcomb: Part 2

We're excited to feature part two of Primavera student Rebecca Holcomb's short story! If you haven't read the first part, head to Part 1 and read it now. “In English class, I saw the way authors like Nathaniel Hawthorne and Washington Irving carefully wove messages into the stories they wrote through the actions and roles [...]

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11 07, 2016

Graduation 2016 Ceremony Recap

Last week, the class of 2016 gathered and celebrated their accomplishments at Primavera Online High School's 2016 Graduation Ceremony, and we are proud to say it was one of our greatest ceremonies yet! We had over 350 students join in at Grand Canyon University as they listened to keynote speakers, walked across the stage and received [...]

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1 07, 2016

Tips for Making the Most of Your Fourth of July

The United States is turning 240 this July 4. With such a special birthday coming this year, it's important you take some time to get prepared for a proper celebration. To help you get ready, we've put together some great tips to make the most out of this year's Fourth of July. Tip #1 Invest in a [...]

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29 06, 2016

6 Things You Won’t Miss About Your Old School

While school can definitely have its perks, there's a lot of things about traditional high school that we're willing to bet you won't miss when you leave. Check out our list below. 1. Raising your hand to ask a question everyone else seems to understand and wanting to just do this. Even with the nicest instructor, [...]

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27 06, 2016

9 Things That Rock About Graduating

Primavera's Graduation Ceremony is happening in just a few weeks, and we couldn't be more excited for our seniors! Although we're sure you all know graduating from high school rocks, we've put together a list of reasons to get seniors excited and keep our underclassmen motivated. Check them out below. 1.You've accomplished something great! Seriously! Earning your [...]

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24 06, 2016

Primavera Resources: Psychology Courses Online

At Primavera, we provide our students with the tools needed not only to graduate but to excel while in high school, and that’s why we have special resources that allow you to graduate with more than an accredited diploma. In this series, we highlight one of Primavera's many resources available to students. Amongst the various elective offerings at Primavera Online High School [...]

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22 06, 2016

“Pete Baker and the Wolves” by Rebecca Holcomb: Part 1

In this month's Panther Post series, we're excited to bring you a thriller written by student Rebecca Holcomb. We're splitting her story into two parts. The first part is featured below. "In English class, I saw the way authors like Nathaniel Hawthorne and Washington Irving carefully wove messages into the stories they wrote through the [...]